Barbershopper Of The Year

The Lewis Parry Trophy

Every year, the Wayfarers Chorus members vote for their ‘Barbershopper Of The Year’ in a secret ballot.  This is the person who they consider to have made a particularly notable contribution to the club during the year.

There are no rules as to what represents a notable contribution, it could have been organising events, helping with the practices or battling through personal circumstances to attend.  The important thing is that it is somebody the members believe to be deserving of the award.

This award, the ‘Lewis Parry Trophy’ has been awarded each year since 1993 and the table below records the people who have won it.

2017Ian Homewood
2016Bill Fuller
2015Jeff Colligan
2014Barrie Morrisey
2013David Andrew
2012Gerry Smith
2011Colin Wayte
2010Learn To Sing Organisers
2009Norman Rimmer
2008Bernie Blaney
2007Tommy Louis
2006Bill Fuller
2005Jim Little
2004Jack Hudson
2003Jim Stubbs
2002Colin Wayte
2001Colin Wayte
2000Arthur Emmett
1999Tommy Louis
1998Mike Smith
1997Paul Hacking
1996Ray Parker
1995Ray Parker
1994Frank o'Connell
1993Frank o'Connell