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St Faith’s Christmas Concert

Once again, Wayfarers Chorus will be singing in St. Faith’s Church in Waterloo. This is one of our favourite events in which to sing, not only are the acoustics superb but it is for the benefit of the Waterloo Partnership, which is such a good cause. This is a public event, the more the merrier.  Further details will be provided [...]

Formby Methodist

Sing out at Methodist Church on the 29 th August. There will be a part group from Just Voices plus a children’s choir from Catherine Victoria academy. This sing out is part of  a 2 week event promoted by The Formby Luncheon club and The Formby Befriending Society. For old people who will not be getting a holiday. It is [...]

2018 Quartet Night

The date has been set for the Wayfarers’ annual quartet night, an evening traditionally full of fun and harmony (well some harmony).  This year, we are hoping that our new members will join in and bring some fresh voices to the quartets on offer. It’s time to start forming yourselves into quartets and choosing your songs.  Remember the rules are [...]

Wayfarers and Charlie Dore at the Formby Gild Hall

On Wednesday, November 14, Wayfarers Chorus will be supporting one of the UK’s most respected songwriters, Charlie Dore.  The song for which she is possibly best known is ‘Pilot of the Airwaves’, but she has also written songs for numerous well known artists, including Tina Turner, George Harrison and Celine Dion. Charlie Dore is performing two sets at the Gild Hall, replacing the normal [...]