Meeting with ‘Grand National’ and ‘Mount Baker Toppers’ choruses

We have received the following invite from Vernon of the Grand National Chorus:

Greetings to you all from the Grand National Chorus.


If I remember correctly, Tuesday is your rehearsal evening. If Paul Smith has not had an opportunity to circulate your members about this matter, then he will probably do so tonight.


Our MD, Dennis Rhodes, has asked Paul if your chorus would join with ours in hosting a get together on Friday June 9, with a North American chorus, the Mount Baker Toppers who are based in the state of Washington. They are touring the UK, are staying a couple of nights in Liverpool and have asked if they could sing some songs with us. As they are far more numerous than us, it would make for a more enjoyable evening if The Wayfarers could join with us and we hope it will happen.


As you know, I was intending to contact you to invite your chorus to our venue by way of reciprocating for the memorable evening we shared with The Wayfarers last July. On the assumption that the two choruses are meeting up on 10 June, it might be a good idea for you and I to check our diaries for the remainder of the year to see when we might ‘merge’.


In the meantime, best wishes to you all and keep the harmony flowing.



The venue has now been confirmed and partners are welcome.


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