Quartet Contest Winners

Barbershop quartet contest

Every November the Wayfarers Chorus hold a quartet night.  This is a friendly competition which gives members the opportunity to sing in a quartet.  There are no major prizes to be won, just a bottle of wine each, but the bragging rights are worth the effort.

Singing in a quartet is possibly the most difficult form of close harmony a-capella, as there is nowhere to hide.  If you don’t know your voice part for a particular song there are no others singing the same part for you to copy.  Despite that, or more likely because of it, quartet singing is incredibly rewarding when you get it right.

The table below lists recent winners of the annual contest.  If any members remember earlier winners please let me know and I will add them.

Year Quartet Name Bass Baritone Tenor Lead
2019 Impulse Barrie Ian Jimmy Garry
2018 Garyatrics Geoff P Jonathan Roger Garry
2017 Acapella Fellas Phil Ian Jimmy Garry
2016 Lazy Daze Pete Keith Jeff Garry
2015 The Mysterons Barrie Keith Ray R Paul Staf