Wayfarers Chorus Donate Funds To SUAG

The Southport Spinal Unit Action Group (SUAG) has been chosen as the nominated charity for the Wayfarers Chorus from 2024. On June 5th, members of SUAG, together with two SUAG residents, met representatives from Wayfarers Chorus, to receive a cheque for £1,000.

Wayfarers Chorus were founded in 1989 and since then have donated to a number of local and national charities, including Queenscourt Hospice, Macmillan Nurses and Compassion Acts. SUAG has been chosen as the latest beneficiary of these donations, due to the importance of the work they do for people with spinal injuries.

SUAG was founded in 1973 and achieved the goal of opening a residential home in 1985, helping people with spinal injuries to live independently.

You can read more about the work done by SUAG, by clicking the link above to visit their website.

wayfarers chorus donate funds to suag

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