Under The Boardwalk

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Under The Boardwalk

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Performance Notes

There is little dynamic change throughout Under the Boardwalk. It is bright and breezy throughout and should be performed with a ‘cheery swagger’, expressed in posture and smiling faces. This is also helped by a reinjection of energy at the beginning of the second verse.

It is very important to maintain very clear, crisp diction where voices are singing different lines and maintaining a very precise rythmn at all times. Pay attention to listening to other parts especially where basses are setting the rythmn and to your own part to stay absolutely together. Remember to ‘keep the vowel on the beat’.

In this song precision is everything, otherwise it sounds ‘muddy’.

# On the first beat of the bass pickup the chorus sways (left first) which stops as soon as the leads begin their first line 

‘ Oh when the……

On this line the leads come out of their sway and come a little forward to engage the attention of the audience with the brightness of their lyrics. ( and faces )

# Leads particularly will need to breathe strategically during their two main couplets. Have enough breath to keep the word going at Bars 6. 7. & 8.’up on the roo……..oof’.    similarly at bars 32. 33 & 34  ‘a carouse……..el.’ You’ll also need a good breath to cope with the high notes ‘the french FRIES THEY sell’.

# In the repeated section Bars 20-30 and 46-56 The character of the song is expressed by switching words between the voice parts and really close listening and accuracy of diction and rythmn is needed.

* Basses begin with;    ‘Under the boardwalk’ -Hm

* baris & leads join:                                      Hm

* Tenor solo:                                                     ‘out of   ‘the sun  

* basses baris and leads rejoin:                                      the sun.

At the risk of labouring the point, the tenors have five of these little solos singing… ‘out of” , ‘we’ll be’ , ‘people’ , we’ll be’ and ‘under the ‘

The three other parts have to omit these words so that their parts come out as……

                                                                   Hm……..the sun

                                                                   Hm……..having some fun

                                                                   Hm……..walking above

                                                                   Hm……..falling in love

                                                                   ………….boardwalk, boardwalk.

#  The final note of the song is sung as written as a single crotchet and cut off quickly with the chorus going very quickly into crossed arms and a ‘masterful’ attitude.