Wayfarers Bring Meaning to Battle Hymn

On Saturday June 17, Wayfarers Chorus performed to an audience of 300, comprised of Masons and their partners, at Southport’s Floral Hall, on the occasion of the Masons’ Annual Regional Dinner.

With such a large audience in one of the biggest venues in which we sing, this was an occasion on which a full and healthy chorus would have been ideal.  Unfortunately a fast moving and indiscriminate virus had reduced our numbers on the night but, as the saying goes, ‘the show must go on’!

Despite the relatively small turnout we gave it our all and had an appreciative reception from the audience.  The audience participation section went down well and by the time we finished we had performed most of our current repertoire, including the American Civil War anthem ‘Battle Hymn of The Republic’.  The set ended with Sweet Gypsy Rose and an encore of Irish Blessing.

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